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Design versus deployment. White board versus black screen. Pre-sales versus post-sales.

Do these separations make sense any longer? In my humble opinion, IT companies cannot afford these silos today. A field engineer should be aware of good design practices as much as architects should know how operationally adequate is a said solution. But how can the latter experience these products in an efficient way?

A while ago I’ve published a blog about some data center lab resources and a lot of people thanked me for pointing dCloud in that article. Since then, this website has become the beachhead for Cisco demonstrations solutions and has gathered a respectable set of data center labs, such as:

Cisco Nexus Data Broker 2.0 v1

Cisco Nexus Data Broker (formerly Cisco Monitor Manager) is a software-defined, programmable solution to aggregate copies of network traffic using SPAN or network taps for monitoring and visibility purposes. It is a simple, scalable and cost-effective monitoring solution.

Cisco UCS Director 5.0 v1

This demonstration shows how Cisco UCS Director reduces the complexity of data centers, allowing IT staff to shift from manually managing infrastructure to developing new services for the business

Cisco Nexus 9000: NX-OS Programmability v1

The Nexus 9000 in standalone mode provides APIs for external tools to be able to automatically provision network resources. This demo shows the interaction with NX-API via both, custom made and off-the-shelf applications like Graphite, Splunk and Puppet.

Cisco UCS Invicta with Citrix VDI v1

Show how the UCS Invicta Appliance allows customers to quickly and efficiently configure IT infrastructure to support I/O-intensive applications with real-time analytics.

Cisco UCS Central 1.1.2a v1

Show how the updated Cisco UCS Central 1.1.2a can provide global definition capabilities for policies and resource pools, which can be flexibly allocated across distributed data centers.

Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 4.0 v1

This demo showcases the powerful capabilities of CIAC 4.0, from onboarding tenants and creating organizations to requesting a vDC and creating a VM from a template. It covers all Administration user levels: CPTA, TTA, OTA and End User.

Cisco Extensible Network Controller 1.5 v1

Show how network operations can create powerful, reusable network service abstractions for business applications through northbound APIs, simply by adding Cisco XNC to a network.

Cisco Unified Computing System 2.2 v1

This demonstration shows the ease and flexibility of building, deploying and managing the data center via Cisco UCS 2.2 (El Capitan).

FlexPod with Microsoft Hyper-V v1

Show how the FlexPod architecture can be leveraged for Microsoft Hyper-V virtualized environments to reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and improve IT efficiency.

Cisco Prime Network Services Controller 3.0 v1

Show how Cisco Prime NSC, combined with the Cisco Nexus 1000V switch, Cisco ASA 1000V Cloud Firewall and Cisco VSG, provides a rapid and scalable deployment through dynamic, template-oriented policy management based on security profiles.

FlexPod with VMware v1

Highlight the FlexPod value proposition in the context of a Virtual Desktop deployment. Focus on features that clearly illustrate the business benefits and unique differentiators of the FlexPod architecture.

Impressive, right?

One last observation: you will need your CCO login to access the labs. And be prepared for some pleasant surprises after you log into the website…

Have fun!