Some Data Center Lab Resources

In this quick pos,t I will share some Cisco Data Center resources that have helped me during the book writing and also in my daily activities. They are:

Cisco CloudLab

Through the URL you will be able to access several on-demand lab PODs with solutions such as Nexus 1000V operation and installation, Virtual Security Gateway, OTV, VXLAN, and UCS. Greatly recommended.

Cisco is currently at work to add more technologies to this portal. Stay tuned!

A tip: you will need a Cisco login and a “sponsor” to access this lab. Please, feel free to point me (gsantana) as your sponsor.

Cisco Partner Education Connection (PEC)

This amazing portal can be launched in the . Using keywords such as “nexus lab”, “MDS lab”, or “UCS lab” you will find hundreds of real device PODs that can be accessible immediately or scheduled for a later date.

Nonetheless, this amazing resource is only available to Cisco registered partners. If you are one, do not miss it!

Cisco Demo Cloud (dCloud)

In, tab “Data Center Virtualization”, many advanced labs such as Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (CIAC), UCS Central, and Cisco UCS Director (formerly known as “Cloupia”) are available for your delight. It also requires a login.

I hope these portals can help the ones that are preparing for Cisco DC certs. I will continue to dig more and share them here for sure.

Let´s keep in touch,