The Blog´s Letter of Intent

My objective with this blog is pretty simple: to discuss data center virtualization technologies in an informal and conceptual manner.

It intends to disperse the smoke created by marketing campaigns that cause more confusion than comprehension to those who design and operate data center environments.

I am personally fond of explanations that are able to extract and transmit the essence of a feature, device, or architecture. Therefore, this will be my main focus whenever a subject is brought through a new post.

The twenty-first century´s synthesis versus the twentieth century´s analysis. This balance will define the tone of the texts.

I sincerely expect that the information hereby published will be useful for you, or at least, intriguing.

So welcome and thanks for your presence,

Gustavo A. A. Santana

2 comments on “The Blog´s Letter of Intent

  1. HI Santana,

    Data Center Virtulization fundamentals book is very good. One typo i observed in initial review. In Chapter 1 , Page 11Figure 1.6, the ip address of Router 1 and Router 2 shows same. Both should be different. only Virtual IP address should be Same on both the routers. You can inform to publisher and correct it.


    • Hi Srinivas,
      Thanks for the heads-up! I will inform this typo to CiscoPress to have it corrected in the next reprint.
      I am really glad you have enjoyed the book!
      Best regards,

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